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Opera Software Incubates Norwegian Startups

As of yesterday about 20 talented developers will be gathered for the next couple of weeks at Opera Software's premises in Oslo to build and launch new applications. Startup Summer is one of its kind hackathon in Norway encouraging companies to take on Lean Startup techniques.

The contestants are mainly graduate students from The Norwegian School of Science and Technology, Informatics at the University of Oslo, and various university colleges, but also existing entrepreneurs and freelancers. During the period all teams will have access to mentors as well as being able consult Opera personnel. In the end of the event and August 12. the teams will demo their products to investors and advisors (ping me if you're interested).

Here's an overview of the Startup Summer teams. Expect landing pages as their products will evolve hour by hour.
KasseApp develop next-generation cash register. By running a 'Kasseapp' on an Android tablet and connect to a cloud, they create an elegant solution for store employees. The prototype launched this summer, so stay with

Hoopla Tickets
Cultural events are more important than the tickets! We develop a ticket distribution system that makes it easy and efficient to sell tickets anywhere. You create great cultural experiences, we help you communicate them. Free of charge for the organizer.
Filling out the tax returns is for many the least most fun in running a business. helps small businesses record all their tax reporting; ask you a few questions, and complete your tax returns ready for submission.

"We are tired of bad IT tools for students! Therefore, we create social tools that help students choose courses and plan their studies". Classmate provides a social student calendar and rating of classes among other features.

Near Bite is a mobile-based tax map of eateries and restaurants nearby. Join and be first with our iPhone app in Oslo.

Although most projects are not starting from scratch and already have their teams set-up, the kick-off hosted speed dating allowing for individual developers, designers, and marketeers to connect, and for the teams to fill any gaps. I was invited to give a speech on Lean Startup techniques, and was amused to see some of the teams get into customer development and start peel their feature onion from the very start. I look forward to be around and see the projects arrive.

I'm glad to see that Norway finally gets to see a true hackathon. Kudos to startup enthusiasts AndreasMagne, and Maja (also organizer of Oslo Startup Weekend and Startup Norway), and Opera Software for putting this thing together. Stay tuned for updates on the companies as they progress.

Update: The teams were updated upon Startup Summer completion.

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