10 Scrappy Minimum Viable Products That Made It

This collection includes the early websites of Facebook (still with the The), 37signals, LinkedIn (not that bad in fact), eBay (without the pictures I’m afraid), Twitter (probably the first sketch), and more. Note that some may miss CSS and therefore may not display identical to the original.

If “preach what you teach” still holds, this better be a minimum viable blog post. As far as I put the slide deck together in under 1o minutes, did the research for it during a quick train trip this morning, and publish this as soon as possible (even if it’s a bad time to post), it would need iterations..


Amazon.com early website


The Facebook

The Facebook early website


Mint.com early website



Craigslist early website


37signals early wepage



eBay early website



LinkedIn early website


Groupon early website


Twitter sketch

Twitter early product sketch

The First-Ever website

World Wide Web first website


Do you think these can be considered MVP’s? Why? Why not?

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