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What Innovation Tools Are The Most Popular: Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, Disruptive Innovation

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Today, more than ever, companies looking to create new growth have tools at their hand to help reduce risk and increase the odds of success.

The Google Trends chart above shows a selection of "The Fantastic Four" and their relative interest over time.

Historically, Blue Ocean Strategy sees the most interest, but is slightly declining. Disruptive Innovation sees less interest among the four, but is growing. Both Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas are rapidly growing. The chart speaks for itself. But the comparison is only as good as what people search for on the web.

Although the frameworks take different angles on innovation, they are not mutually exclusive. They overlap and complement each other. And in many ways the later frameworks build upon the former, applying similar concepts in new wrapping.

In innovation there is no one-size-fits-all. So rather than looking at what are the popular tools, companies should look at what are the right tools.

Personally I find it useful taking a modular, “lego-like” approach, combining and distilling the methods into tailored frameworks, which is what I will look at in my next posts.

What methods and tools do you use? How do you combine them?

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  1. Indeed, one should look at these frameworks as complementing each other. We practice Agile Innovation Management and also have developed our own tool to support this. It mostly aims at supporting collaborative innovation across organizational boundaries, which often is seen as quite challenging.

    You can read our blog for more info: Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Bart Schrooten
    Co-founder at Lumo Research

  2. As an example of new services for business model canvas and lean startup – check Their core feature is tracking progress of startup with certainty score where 0% is idea level and 100% – profitable and scalable business model. We use it in, it really helps.