Exaptation, The Next Big Thing in Innovation?

This tweetstorm about unbundling by Marc Andreessen, shows us why exaptation (from the theory of evolutionary biology) just might become the next big idea in innovation and entrepreneurship.

[1] Fred Wilson did a Tweetstorm about Tweetstroming. That explains it, but basically it's about turning Twitter into a live blogging platform.
[2] Sumukh Sridhara built Tweetstorm.io to better view and create Tweetstorms. It lists all of Marc Andreessen's Tweetstorms.
[3] Dave Winer built Little Pork Chop for Tweetstorming

Amazon Bets on the Nordics as World Leading Innovation Center

Amazon's head of Web Services in CEE & Nordics, Peter Fuchs, to The Swedish Wire:

We have found that Nordic customers are among the most innovative users of cloud computing in the world and our early experiences with businesses in the region led us to make the Nordics a focal point for Amazon Web Services.


We see the Nordics as one of the world's leading innovation centers, challenging places like London, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Welcome to the post-oil era.