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The Truth About Who Really Funded The Tech Behind Apple

Apple should recognize that the technology on which its success has been built can be traced back to government investments, reports Mariana Mazzucato and colleagues in a research article studying Apple's changing business model.

By now everyone should know about Steve Jobs' legendary visit to Xerox PARC in 1979. Sure, Jobs discovered the mouse, cursors, menus, movable and resizable windows. But apparently these were not his only inspirations.

In fact—as illustrated in the graphic above—the authors argue that virtually every technology in an Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod originated in a government-run or -funded investment project.

This rises an important question; whether more of Apple's profit should be returned to taxpayers and the government to further help fund future technology innovation.

Although Apple's universe is very much a closed system, isn't this what we all want from scientific research - having it realized and made available for public good?

Maybe we're all standing on the shoulders of giants.