Hi, I’m Tor Grønsund. I’m the director of new media agency Lingo, a lecturer of entrepreneurship at the University of Oslo, and blogger cited by Stanford University, UC Berkeley, INSEAD, among others for musing on tech startups. Common to all is, I believe in spreading the knowledge and stories of innovators.

This is me at 5 years old on an IBM 5150, the first PC.

Tor on the first personal computer

I grew up in an entrepreneurial home in the south of Norway and was fortunate enough to be exposed to the world of computers at an early age.

Caught by the dot-com boom and amazed with how Internet news instantly put the world at my feet, I’d go on to study Information Science–at the intersection of Informatics and Media Science–to learn about how people search, use, and share information. I never had a big knack for writing code, though (although I try to keep enough to prototype ideas). Instead, I’d develop a thing for bringing that technology to human kind.

While still a grad student I ran my own market research practice, writing reports and analysis for management consulting and private equity firms. Following a few internships in tech startups, and spending all my student loans on a dorm room WiFi startup, I had a couple of stints in market research at top Internet search and media companies. I then joined as one of the first employees at an Internet investment and advisory company, where I had the opportunity to learn from everyone from garage startup founders and executives at global Internet companies to Norway’s current Minister of finance. Essentially, that led me to start my own company. Our first product, an Internet-based operating system for netbooks (remember those?) went straight up, and down.

Today, I’m the founding director of new media agency Lingo Labs, a lecturer of entrepreneurship at the University of Oslo, and blogger cited by Harvard Business School Publishing, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, INSEAD, among others for musing on early-stage innovation.

Common to all is, I spread the knowledge and stories of innovators. Because I believe innovators who aspire to change the world around them deserve to have their stories told like any other. They deserve a discussion as ambitious as their own endeavors. And their stories, when told, help aspiring entrepreneurs–and intrapreneurs–take action and find inspiration in role models.

So, currently I’m writing the Startup Vikings book. Through interviews with Nordic tech entrepreneurs about their personal stories and secrets to leadership and building products, the book is the closest you come to being a fly on the wall at a startup, and to learn how it’s done the Nordic way.

Right, but what is a meth·od·ol·o·gist?

A methodologist is one who studies methodology. A methodology is the system of methods and principles used in a particular discipline. My discipline happens to be new media innovation. I would love to learn about yours.

Other garage projects

Creator of the first lean startup, customer development, and business model generation merger.

Editor of Vevens Gang, a tech blog dedicated to profiling the tech startup scene in Norway, in Norwegian.

Board member at betaFACTORY, the first tech startup accelerator in Norway.

Curator of the Norwegian Startup List.

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