Tor Talks

Tor Rolfsen Grønsund is a Doctoral Research Fellow with Iserv Computing and the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, where he also serves as Adjunct Assistant Professor of entrepreneurship. He is chair of the Digital technology group at Tekna--Norway's largest society for graduate technical and scientific professionals, counting +73 000 members. He studied innovation and entrepreneurship with a concentration in informatics at the University of Oslo, including studies at Boston University Questrom School of Business. His research interests lie at intersection of science and technology studies, information systems, HCI, and entrepreneurship, currently focusing on human-machine symbiosis in strategy work.

With one foot in both worlds—academia and industry—Tor has been on a mission over the past years to change the way entrepreneurship is taught. His work on startup innovation methods has been adopted by Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Harvard Business School among other companies and startup programs. Tor has a decade of experience from digital capacities and technology ventures alongside spearheading entrepreneurial courses at the University of Oslo, BI Norwegian Business School, and Westerdals Oslo ACT. Since co-founding Lingo Labs and his two first ventures, one crowdsourcing WiFi networks and the other an open source operating system repurposing laptop computers for millions of people, he has kept the entrepreneurial ethos and put co-creation at the center of his work.

Tor occasionally gives talks, blogs on torgronsund.com, and thinks aloud on Twitter @tor, leading to several nominations as one of the influential voices in the European tech and startup space.

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