European Tech Blogs

To build a working startup ecosystem Europe needs more and better tech journalism. Entrepreneurs put a huge amount of efforts into their ventures, and their stories deserve to be told. However, with Europe comes language diversity. This makes it harder for tech blogs to gain momentum. As a result European tech startups suffer. Some blogs, however, are fortunately starting to hit the ground. I keep a record of the most interesting ones, so I thought I'd share it with you. Suggestions are very much appreciated. (Europe / English)

Arctic Startup: (Nordics / Baltic, in English)

The Next Web: (Nordics / English)

Trends Online: (Nordics / Danish)

Whiteboard Magazine: (pan-European)

Rude Baguette: (France, English)

Tech Berlin: (Germany, English)

Silicon Allee: (Germany, English)

Venture Village: (Germany, English)

Gruenderszene: (Germany)

Deutsche Startups: (Germany)

The Kernel: (UK, English) - acquired by The Daily Dot

The Start Up Donut: (UK, English)

Silicon Republic's startup section: (Ireland, English)

Antyweb: (Poland)

Webrazzi: (Turkey)

Loogic: (Spain, Spanish)

Genbeta: (Spain, Spanish)

What's New: (Spain, Spanish)

TodoStartups: (Spain, Spanish)

Eastist: (Central / Eastern Europe, English)

Goal Europe (corporate): (Central / Eastern Europe, English)

EU Startups: (EU, English)

TheStartup EU: (EU, English)

The Quintura blog: (Russia, Russian and English)


Worth reading on the state of European tech and startup media.

European Tech Bloggers Are Getting Angry And Why That’s Awesome For Startups, by Mike Butcher.

It's Time To Fix European Technology Journalism, by Milo Yiannopoulos.

Start-Up 100: creating a truly European ecosystem, by Ivo Spigel.

The State of Tech PR in Europe, upcoming report by y Milo Yiannopoulos.

Eurogeeks, upcoming book on European tech entrepreneurship by Ivo Spigel.

Martin Weigert, a tech writer from Berlin/Stockholm comments on the European tech blogs' language issue.

Max Niederhofer builds a curated bi-monthly newsletter for European technology entrepreneurs.