The Norwegian Startup List

To help shed some light on Norway’s startup scene I share here a crowd-sourced list on Norwegian tech startups and Norway's startup ecosystem. You'd get updates by following the Norwegian Startups Twitter list. Feel free to steal, copy or share to help spread the word.

Table of Contents

1. Norwegian startups

2. Notable exits

3. Norwegian tech blogs

4. Accelerators, incubators, and co-working

5. VCs and early-stage funding

6. Education and startup initiatives

1. Norwegian startups

Atbrox develops search technology and provides cloud computing services with Hadoop/Mapreduce and Amazon Web Services.

cXense is a contextual advertising, search and analytics software from the founders of FAST Search and Transfer (acquired by Microsoft) and the former Norwegian search engine

Cfengine, a company providing automated IT operations, may not be a newly launched company per se, but it is definitely worth paying attention to working a client list that includes companies such as eBay, Facebook, PayPal, and Nokia. is a social interest network where you can collect and share stuff you like. is a web development company behind invoicing service and invoice sharing app

DoubleTwist, located in San Francisco, provides a free application that empowers consumers to easily transfer, share and sync personal media regardless of device, file format or social network.

Meltwater Group is a Software as a Service company providing tools for new media monitoring, news aggregation, and collaboration among others.

Confirmit is a SaaS vendor for enterprise feedback management and market research applications.

bMenu is a developer of Internet navigation technology for desktop and mobile platforms. Also behind website to mobile site converter

Induct Software integrates Enterprise 2.0 technology and social networking concepts with a customizable innovation management framework based on open innovation and Henry Chesbrough's theories.

Integrasco provides social media monitoring and analytics for global brands.

Creaza which is developing tools for social video editing recently opened offices in Silicon Valley. (previously Stormdriver) keeps you updated in real time about what others are doing online and allows you to join them as they interact with content.

Gitorious by Shortcut provides free open source infrastructure for open source projects that uses Git. Projects include Qt by Nokia, OpenSUSE, Xbox, and Startusnet.

EasyPeasy, a Linux-based and Internet-enabled OS for laptops counting more than 1,5M downloads and users in 166 countries.

Questback provides online survey software and services.

BrightArch is the software company behind OrganizationWeaver, a service used in large corporations during restructures/staffing changes and change management.

ItsLearning is a learning platform used by millions of educators, students, admin staff and parents around the world.

Comoyo delivers the solutions that entertains you, lets you communicate with your friends and store the content you care about (via @ingridod) is a personal online travel guide., by web application developers Eliksir AS, is an e-mail marketing and newsletter service for small businesses (via @asteinlein). allows your customers to book hours and resources online (via @asteinlein). a provider of mobile communication services to the education sector.

Infinite Loop is the company behind, an online shopping service that allows you to earn "kickback" across multiple online stores. The company also operates some of Norway's most popular tech sites, including,,, and

Blink Studios is an independent developer of interactive games and apps founded by former Funcom developers. is a simple invoice management web application (via @EspenAntonsen) aims to take social networking into education (via @knutwien).

TapCat, a Norwegian mobile game development company behind SnakeRace (via @MajaOmHelse).

Symphonical is an online project management and group interaction service. is an online time tracker that is also providing tracking of phone calls.

OnePageOnly is a simple online time tracking service.

CompanyBook provides a social platform to interact with current business partners and clients (via @atveit).

Favourite Systems is mobile software development company (via @thomanil). is a leading online classifieds site in Norway. The company is also behind is a handmade marketplace somewhat similar to Etsy. Acquired by Aller Media in 2011 (via @matsi). is Norway's largest social network for youths. Acquired by Egmont Serieforlaget in 2008 (via@matsi). by Nordaaker is a website that allows you to track your applications and discover new ones (via @Jensen2k).

eZ Systems, also known for open source CMS eZ Publish, provides web content management solutions to an impressive list of customers worldwide (via @toranders).

Preseria is a web-based planning and publishing tool for organizers and presenters. makes IT solutions for the retail industry (via @spitinc).

Milestep provides interactive video solutions for the education sector.

Vinatta offers referral marketing software.

24SevenOffice is a leading CRM & ERP software company in Norway (via @EspenAntonsen). is a web application that helps you to track and reduce household energy usage. is a Stockholm-based online customer service platform helping businesses connect with their customers (via @bjornlilja). is a simple web-based accounting and reporting app targeted at small businesses and sole proprietorships (via @andreashennie).

The Online Backup Company provides online backup and disaster recovery solutions to private and public enterprises. is a back-office accounting service for SMBs and accountants in Norway. is " of Norway". is a module-based accounting and project management SaaS solution (via @sechrest). is a mobile app for restaurants that simplifies the ordering process, reducing guests' waiting time and increasing sales.

EasyBring connects people who need to send something from one place to another with people going that way anyway.

Likenshare gives product samples to selected members from that they share their experiences in social media (via @spitinc).

bSafe turns your smartphone into a safety device. The company, Bipper, also provides BipperKids, a parental control service for children's mobile phones.

Soundrop is a social jukebox for Spotify.

Vippy makes it easy to add video to your website (via @spitinc).

Yes! Games is a developer of interactive games. Its biggest title being Chess Attack.

T-Rank is a software provider that delivers products and solutions for network analysis.

Promon develops security software solutions for the mainstream enterprise security market.

Solid Publication's SaaS tools manage and analyse your activities across multiple social media channels.

Future4 develops interactive and social game adventures for campaigns, events and different types of activities (via @atveit).

dimidii offers tickets to cultural and sporting events at half price.

Vidamo is an international provider of mobile solutions to businesses.

Bengler is behind the social networking sites and

Musicnodes lets you share and play music directly from you website.

Webstory is a web development company behind multiple websites such as, and

SocialCee is a CMS and CRM tool for social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

TextUrgy provides semantic search and navigation solutions to the enterprise market.

iSentio offers software solutions to facilitate analysis, interpretation, and management of DNA sequencing data.

METAS develops and manufactures underwater devices which use acoustic sensors for monitoring the subsea environment., smart ad-serving for mobile.

Commercial Microportals turns domains into informative and useful websites. is a site that offers third parties to buy or sell services at fixed prices.

Encap provides desktop authentication solutions to the enterprise market.

Forlaget Propell is a publisher of interactive children's books for the App Store and Android market., by Eazycom AS, makes newsletters and email marketing simple.

WooThemes, a leading developer of WordPress Themes, is co-founded by Norwegian Magnus Jepson.

Wavepass helps retailers increase revenue through integrated solutions for electronic gift certificates.

Katachi is a creator of interactive digital magazines for iPad.

Neovada is a creative company developing online and mobile Internet applications.

Searchdaimon has developed proprietary technology and products for enterprise search.

iDTEQ develops alarm sensors utilizing artificial intelligence and infrasound detection.

SnapTV develops, operates, and maintains advanced digital infotainment systems.

FairChance develops a micro-lottery system to be used at online and physical point-of-sales.

One2Touch develops Near Field Communications (NFC) keyboard for smartphones and tablets.

Moblin makes SMS marketing easy.

DEALclickr collect deals from several providers to give you a better deal.

LetMeInApp. Targeted at digital tickets, LetMeIn wants to change the way people are let in (via @johanhal). builds a service to help people better find eateries and restaurants nearby (via @johanhal).

GetGauss, The People Magnet, helps you discover and meet with interesting people around you. Its Norwegian founder Vidar Andersen is based in Cologne, Germany. is a restaurant guide for Oslo. Here you will find menus, reviews and hours to the city'srestaurants, all gathered in one place.

Elliptic Labs is creating new ways of interacting with computers using ultrasound technologies.

SquareHead Technology provides microphone array systems for board and conference rooms, education purposes, and business conferences.

Flattr is an online micropayment/microdonation system founded by Norwegian Peter Sunde and Linus Olsson in Malmø, Sweden.

Florett Technologies makes Mind the Moose, helping you find offers and stores in your city, and ITsquare, a portal for IT services.

HAVA media is behind a network of leading social news sites, including the gaming site

Tikkio by Kodebyraaet is an online ticket service. is a personal accounting service that lets you set budgets and keep track on savings.

Ants, based in Oslo/Copenhagen, is a simple and fast way to share car rides on your iPhone.

Meronymy provides database server software for the Semantic Web.

Fribi is a fun and social way to give, get or swap anything from anyone, anywhere. adds social features for notifications on the TV.

DolphiTech provides ultrasound-based cameras for 2 – and 3 Dimensional identification and analysis of materials (via @segrov).

Ocas provides systems for collision avoidance. Acquired by Vestas (via @Sverre_Holm).

WeVideo is an online video editing web platform.

iDoc24 provides medical advice via camera-based mobile applications.

Boost Communications provides brands and publishers with the tools needed to mobilize web and monetise mobile.

Atmel designs and manufactures microcontrollers and capacitive touch solutions components (via @Sverre_Holm).

LapBack provides security software for handheld device.

YouSpin makes it easy for anyone to create a 360 animation of products using mobile devices.

Gapvine by Menlosoft, provides customer feedback and survey solutions to help companies increase profit by more accurate pricing.

Try It On is an e-commerce solution that allows users to "try before they buy". provides a social TV platform for broadcasters.

FXI Technologies provides users with a single point of access to all personal cloud services and apps through their favorite OS.

Aptoma enables editors and journalists to get their job done without ever worrying about the tools they use.

Kikora develops and offers online learning resources for mathematics education.

AIMS Innovation provides monitoring products for organizations with complex integration solutions.

Viju is a supplier of visual collaboration solutions.

Seevia provides directory-based video communication solutions for the enterprise market.

Aksjeservice offers web-based applications for shareholder management.

Pido is an online service that lets customers order goods from restaurants quickly and easily using their smart phone.

Wonderloop is live video socialized.

ISERV offers cloud computing services and applications.

Legalia gives people affordable and quick access to justice.

XT software is a digital media company that delivers community-based music software and plugins for the PC and Mac.

Mobitroll is an interactive platform enabling location based social gaming.

ForgeRock provides companies with secure access to anything, anywhere, from any screen or device (via @amanghei).

CompBuoy delivers innovative and patented materials to the offshore buoyancy and insulation market (via @EmilOekstad).

MyStore provides e-commerce stores to the SMB market.

Socialboards, by Your Feedback Norway, is a social customer feedback solution.

Tellu delivers solutions that add value to existing and new services in the mobile channel.

Jobylon is a social recruiting service.

Supportia, "Geeksquad of Norway", provides services and resources in consumer electronics.

UrbanKandi is an app that lets you discover and share events and venues in your city. provides online driving license tests.

Smartski develops a sensor-based app that helps cross-country skiers improve their technique and performance.

Legelisten helps you locate and change general practitioner (via @toranders).

Bitreactive delivers tools for effective and robust development of software systems.

Riftlabs' The Kick Light is an independent light source that helps users take better pictures and make great videos

iSky provides provides products and services for secure and flexible IT operations.

Includu, an online video and advertisement platform (via @SFarchna).

Oyatel provides a web-based business phone system manager.

Ensafer provides IT Securtiy / End-to-end encryption solutions (via @SFarchna).

Adig Invention provides music technology (via @SFarchna).

ShoestringApp is an app for backpackers and low budget travelers.

Holder de ord brings accountability and transparency to Norwegian politics.

Videxio is a cloud video service provider that makes it easy for organizations to use video conferencing.

Crypho offers real-time communication and messaging for teams directly in the browser (via @baekholt).

Zwipe enables fingerprint authentication on cards. plays your online content as personal radio show (via @revesjef).

Glimt is a local, aggregated event calendar.

Evacuaid develops emergency bracelets for faster and safer evacuations.

Zubarus automates all the boring routine work on membership registers (via @EspenAntonsen).

We Want To Know is a French-Norwegian startup company that aims at delivering a new generation of learning games.

Vostopia provides game developers with a fast and simple way to publish avatar based games (via @nordicgamer).

Rendra enables the use of Building Information Models as field management and decision making tools (via @MaritRodevand).

Outracks builds technology that turns Graphics Processing Units into a creative platform for everyone (via @Svalesen).

SkyLib lets you find, share and organize items with others. is Norway's first social shopping portal (via @jensahuseby).

Storelocator is an online directory linking fashion brands with fashion stores (via Heikki Sørum).

Taxibeat, Norwegian office, lets you select a taxi based on your needs & preferences.

Greenlit Games is a Norwegian game company.

Krillbite is an indie game developer based in Hamar , Norway.

YayMicro is an online marketplace where photographers around the world can sell their images directly to customers.

Trustnorway is your mobile wallet.

Oogababy is an online tool that lets parents capture precious baby moments, track growth and development, and relive parenthood interactively.

Beat lets you stream your music to any device.

Xeneta offers insight into a global sea freight market when it comes to prices, actual transit times & the environment.

Madmaker,  a do-it-yourself mobile ad maker. is Norway's largest community about exercise and diet, seeing 1M monthly visitors.

Hubii makes news social, free and available everywhere at anytime.

Remoteless turns your smartphone into a Spotify remote.

Neptune Software provides mobile interfaces for SAP.

Lilly Apps develops apps for better parenting. is a social mobile collaboration platform with apps for instant microtasking.

Crypho is an online tool enabling real time collaboration and sharing for teams.

WeWantToKnow aims at delivering a new generation of learning games.

iFrapp, make Facebook pages with your own design.

Cane makes personal budgeting easy.

Swwwipe, easily present slideshows over the web and across devices.

Pixavi provides mobile video communication solutions.

Printify, print simply by tagging the photo on Instagram.

SlideDog by Preseria lets you present files seamlessly and professionally.

CV Partner - simplified CV management. is "Venteprivee for Norway".

Moero lets you set up an e-commerce shop in minutes.

Lajotech develops next generation x-ray tubes.

DirtyBit Games develops popular FunRun, an online real-time multiplayer game, alongside other games for smart phones and tablets.

Memolife helps you learn faster with mnemonic memory tips, language sprints and brain-based repetitions.

Whatif provides web-based tools that make it simple and engaging to perform risk analyses brings window-shopping online.

Viva Labs, save money and the environment with intelligent power management.

eSmart Systems provides smart grid solutions for energy efficiency.

Transisto creates social, mobile games such as music app RattleJam.

NextToMe is a location based networking tool developed for social and professional opportunities.

Fønd, is a Norwegian crowdfunding service.

Secure-NOK provides products and solutions that detects and removes security attacks in Oil and Gas installations.

Funker develops mobile games and social media.

Mobidate is a location-based mobile dating service.

Megapop is a game developer behind Trolls vs. Vikings.

Straight to Video Games developer of Superlumina- First Contact, a sci-fi puzzle-strategy game.

Filmgrail, a better way to discover movies.

Pexip, offers a software platform providing personal meeting rooms for video, voice and mobile.

CupoNation helps people get more out of their online shopping.

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2. Notable exits

Energy Micro, a low-energy microcontroller producer, was acquired by Silicon Laboratories  in 2013 for $170M.

Mamut, a provider of integrated software solutions and internet services for SMEs, was listed on Oslo Stock Exchange in 2004 and acquired by Visma in 2011.

Siri, a personal assistant software developed by Dag Kittlaus, was sold to Apple in 201o rumored at a prize of $200M.

Nimsoft, a provider of unified monitoring solutions in the cloud, was acquired by CA, Inc. in 2010 for $350M.

Global IP Solutions, developer of real-time voice and video processing software for IP networks, was acquired by Google in 2010 for $68.2M.

Playfish, a creator of social games for Facebook and other social platforms, was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2009 for $400M.

Hugin Group, an European provider of Investor Relations and Public Relations services, was bought by Thomson Reuters in 2009.

Trolltech, the developer of mobile application platform Qt was acquired by Nokia in 2008 for $153M.

Fast Search and Transfer (FAST), a developer of enterprise search technologies and solutions, was acquired by Microsoft in 2008 for $1,2B.

Fronter, provider of an online learning management system was acquired by Pearson in 2008.

Linpro, a Linux solutions company was acquired by Redpill in 2010.

Chipcon, a semiconductor company, was acquired by Texas Instruments in 2006 for $200M.

Falanx Microsystems, a mobile graphics chip developer was acquired by ARM in 2006.

Vizrt, creator of content production tools for the digital media industry, was listen on the OSE in 2005.

FunCom, a developer of massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2005.

Opera Software, known for the Opera browsers, was listed on Oslo Stock Exchange in 2004.

StepStone, a pan-European online recruitment service, filed for IPO on the LSE and the OSE in 2000.

3. Norwegian Tech Blogs on Apple news and products. is a technology and gadget blog. writes about digital technologies and gadgets. covers developments in social media services and marketing. publishes news and stories about Norwegian startups. helps small businesses simplify access to public documents, manuals, rules, and regulations.

GründerTV produces videos covering the Norwegian tech scene, ranging from founder interviews and startup events.

4. Accelerators, incubators, and co-working

BetaFactory is an early-stage startup incubator/accelerator based on the Techstars model.

Startup Weekend Norway is the Norwegian chapter of the global startup initiative Startup Weekend.

MESH is a co-working space for modern entrepreneurs and creative individuals.

Startup Norway is an entrepreneurial community and startup hub running Startup Weekend and more.

Innovation House is a Norwegian co-working space and incubator located in Silicon Valley.

Startup Lab, based at Oslo Innovation Center, provides housing and funding for startups.

Venture Factory develops and commercializes new digital products and services. is a two-week long "hackathon" in the summer, last year in collaboration with Opera Software.

Lean Startup Norway, a meetup group dedicated to educating and applying Lean Startup practices.

Rocket Science is a startup incubator provided by Jimmy Royal.

Gründerenes Hus located in Oslo, provides co-working space for Norwegian startups.

Nordaaker co-working occupies 500m2 for 30 worker bees. is a new co-working space with a focus on communication, innovation and creativity.

Innoventus is an innovation incubator located in Kristiansand (via @toranders).

Accel is an innovation program for entrepreneurial companies and established companies, currently in Bergen and Stavanger.

Connect is a non-profit, business-driven membership organization that provides free assistance to entrepreneurs through Springbrett.

Pop Up Hub Oslo is a creative co-working space.

5. VCs and early-stage funding

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government's instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry.

Norwegian Venture Capital Association (NVCA) provides a list on members; Venture Capital firms and funds in Norway.

Northzone offers early-stage venture capital investments, focusing on Nordic technology companies such as Spotify and Funcom.

Nunatak takes active involvement in the different stages of a start-up company's life cycle.

Fabian Invest invests actively in early stage mediatech companies in the Nordic region.

Ignitas is an advisory and venture company focused on digital strategy and on-line visibility.

Oslo Innovation Center houses research-based startups.

Springfondet is a seed capital fund located at Oslo Innovation Center.

BMI is an incubator and investor in early start-ups within the biomedical sector.

NorBAN - Norwegian Business Angel Network.

Schibsted Vekst is the venture arm of Schibsted Media Group, providing its portfolio companies with access to its large media network.

Core Venture helps small businesses realize their business ideas through our competencies and network in the IT, media and telecom-sectors.

6. Education and startup initiatives

Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship /Gründerskolen is an academic cooperation programme that involves most universities or colleges in Norway and several notable international universities.

Centre for Entrepreneurship with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Oslo, the oldest and largest university in Norway.

BI Norwegian School of Business offers courses in innovation and entrepreneurship.

NTNU Entrepreneurship Center and School of Entrepreneurship at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (via @knutwien)

Start Norge is a student organization working to advance innovation and entrepreneurship amongst Norwegian students.

Ungt Entreprenørskap (part of YA-YE Europe) is a non-profit, national organization working to develop children and young people's creativity, joy and faith in themselves.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m in San Francisco now, and there are some Norwegian companies starting up over here that you also could mention such as Scatech US, Mobiltech and iSentio.


  2. Hei Tor – god liste, eneste av sitt slag så vidt jeg vet. Prøver du å starte crunshbase for Norge? Det hadde i så fall vært en kjempeide 🙂
    Du må legge til NTNU’s Entreprenørskole i denne lista da! Der strutter det med ideer og nyskaping om dagen! Blandt annet som forhåpentligvis også snart kan kalle seg et selskap og få plass på listen din 🙂

    • Hei Knut. Studenter har etterlyst en oversikt over startups i Norge samt at jeg selv kunne trenge en – så hvorfor ikke “crowdsource” 🙂 Takk for tips!

  3. Hi Tor!

    For meg som jobber i Berlins nesten overheatede startup scene er det spennende å lese om en mer yrende startup scene hjemme, og jeg finner ikke bare denne oversikten men også de andre artikkelene informativt og interessant. Hadde vært spennende å knytte noen bånd på tvers av Berlin – Norge.

    Ser frem til å snakkes til uken,

  4. Thanks for mentioning Kontribit! We’re proud to be featured among these great startups.

    I would also like to suggest which has been acquired by Aller Media, and which was acquired by Egmont a few years ago. Both aspiring startups from Norway.

    Great initiative by the way.

  5. Those interested in StormDriver should check out Glass (

    Imagine seeing all of your friends’ Twitter and Facebook comments in context, on top of the actual website they’re talking about. And when you want to respond to them, you just do it without thinking. Forget managing multiple social networks and going back and forth between the content itself and conversations about that content.

    Start enjoying a unified social experience when you browse the web. Check out Glass for free today and let us know what you think.

    • Some categorization would be useful, indeed. Still, as a “grown-up”, Meltwater makes a great example of Norwegian ventures that we can learn a lot from. With Meltwater New Ventures, Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, and other early-stage initiatives, the company also contributes a great deal to the startup scene. Any suggestion to categorization is of course welcome.

      Thanks for your comment.

  6. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve really loved browsing your weblog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing for your feed and I’m hoping you write again very soon!

  7. Hei Tor.

    Takk for et kjempebra initiativ og en langt på vei utfyllende liste.
    Jeg håper du også finner plass til CONNECT under punkt 4. Vi er en non-profit næringslivsdrevet medlemsorganisasjon som gir gratis hjelp til gode gründere gjennom Springbrett.
    Flere av oppstartsselskapene i listen har vært igjennom her og enda flere er i pipeline 🙂

  8. Kjempebra liste, til uka starter jeg på et studium i Innovasjon og Entreprenørskap og denne liste kommer sikkert til å bli et nyttig referansepunkt.

    Jeg ser det er et par spill-relaterte startups på listen, men de representerer bare en bitte liten bit av alt det spennende som skjer i spill-Norge for tiden. Her er 4 veldig spennende startups som jobber med spill og interaktiv underholdning:

    – Krillbite Studio
    indie game developer based in Hamar, working on their first game.

    – Virtual Game Worlds As
    Developer of Social Games and Browser Games. Has been awarded funding from both the Nordic Game Program and the Norwegian Film Institute.

    – Vostopia
    Developing tools and services to aid game development and distribution.

    – We want to know
    French-Norvegian startup that aims at delivering a new generation of learning games.

    • Takk for kommentar og gode bidrag til listen. Oppdater gjerne om hvordan det går med disse underveis – prøver å holde listen så oppdatert som mulig 🙂

      Hvor begynner du å studere?

  9. Imponerende liste! Vi vil gjerne være en del av dette også 🙂 Dogu AS er et nyoppstartet data og utviklingsfirma i Trondheim. Firmaet leverer produkter basert på webteknologi til bedrifter, derav Windows 8, apps, websider og skybasert drift med support.

      • Hei igjen.

        Vi utvikler backend i C# .NET, hoster IIS-applikasjonen og nettsider i egen sky og eksponerer dette via REST slik at alle frontends (apps, websider, wordpress-plugins, windows 8 metro style apps etc) får all verdens funksjonalitet. Vår site er ikke oppdatert til å reflektere de vanvittige endringene i selskapet fra sommeren av, så den skal også byttes ut, men kundenes prosjekter blir foreløpig prioritert. Vi er forsåvidt også helt WordPress-frelst og bygger sidene med egne plugins, themes og design fra bunnen av!

  10. Veldig god oversikt! SkyLib ( er en norskutviklet låne-app for Android (snart også iPhone) som gir deg oversikt over hva folk rundt deg har av saker og ting. Alt som har strekkode (stort sett alt av DVDer, bøker og spill) kan legges ut til utlån ved å scanne med mobilen.

    SkyLib sitter i StartupLab i Forskningsparken.

  11. Hei Tor!
    Flott liste. Du må gjerne nevne Ingeniørspillet og dens engelske utgave Engineerius. Ingeniørspillet er et spørrespill for ingeniører og realister, som setter fokus på å ha det gøy samtidig som man lærer noe!

    Jeg er utvikler av Engineerius, den engelske utgaven, og går for tiden på NTNUs Entreprenørskole. Jeg er for tiden i gang med å definere problemstilling for prosjektoppgave innen entreprenørskap og lurer på om du har noen innspill innenfor området “norske startups i utlandet/USA”? Ser frem til å høre fra deg!

    • Hei Anita. Ingeniørspillet er noe jeg hører om fra tid til annen – spennende! Fikk for øvrig din epost, så vi kan gjerne ta en nærmere titt på norske startups i utlandet derfra.


  12. Hei, flott webside som fortjener mye mer oppmerksomhet.
    Jeg skal promovere den for deg!

    Meget fornøyd med at jeg har TO selskaper inne på lista di, både Confirmit som jeg startet i 1996 og nå Symphonical – som kommer til å bli enda bedre! 🙂

    • Hei Bjørn, og takk for det. Hyggelig å høre at du liker bloggen. Så deres integrasjon med Google Hangout for en liten stund siden. Meget spennende saker. Dere har ikke eksperimentert med business model canvas på platformen? Tar ellers gjerne en nærmere prat for å lære mer om dine startuperfaringer.

  13. Hei, jo jeg bruker faktisk business canvas på Symphonical i vår egen strategiutvikling, men den ser bare litt mer enkel ut, dvs. det er et litt annet design, men jeg kan jo dele veggen med mine kollegaer og alle kan jobbe på den – samtidig. Og det går ikke på den “orginale” business canvas veggen.

  14. Hi Tor,

    Nice blog you’ve got!
    Could you inform us which (job) boards are best suited in the South of Norway to fill RETAIL vacancies?

    All the best,


  15. Hei,

    Veldig bra liste. Har sett gjennom mange av selskapene og linkene og det er mye interessant her.

    Et par kommentarer: er nå bare et nettsted for adwords annonser og Fabian Invest linken virker ikke. Questback kan kanskje flyttes til exits etter at de ble kjøpt av Reiten & Co for noen år siden?

    Ellers vil jeg tipse om vårt selskap som heter og er et flash sales nettsted som organiserer eksklusive merkevaresalg med 50-80% rabatt til våre medlemmer

  16. Veldig mye kult her, jeg visste ikke at det eksisterte så mange startups i Norge.

    Vil i samme slengen tipse om om min egen idè jeg jobber med som jeg kaller Foodscene, Det er et sted hvor man kan lage sin egen matspalte, veldig enkelt.
    Forløpig i lukket beta, men legg igjen e-post så sender jeg invitasjon etterhvert.