Lecturer, ENT1000 - Entrepreneurship, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo (August 2010-).

Lecturer, ENT4000 - From idea to business, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo (Spring 2014, Spring 2015).

Visiting Lecturer, BTH 9742/9743 - Business development for SMB, Institute for Innovation and Economic Organization, BI Norwegian Business School (Fall 2014/Spring 2015).

Some speaking and lecturing commitments

Instructor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Phd workshop on 'How to grow a tech spinout from the university' (Trondheim, April 2014).

Keynote speaker, Venture Cup; "Revenge of the geeks: Innovation and entrepreneurship from a Nordic perspective" (Lillehammer, March 2015).

Keynote speaker, ANSA Alumni meeting; "The art of pitching big ideas" (Oslo, February 2015).

Guest lecturer, Executive program in Technology and Innovation Management, Department of Informatics, University of Oslo; "Business Model Design" (Oslo, January 2015).

Guest lecturer, Oslo and Akershus University College; "Creativity and Lean Product Development In Entrepreneurship" (Oslo, January 2015).

Guest lecturer, BI Norwegian School of Business, New Venture Creation; "The Art of Pitching Ideas" (Oslo, January 2015).

Moderator, fireside chat with Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance-oDesk: "Lessons from Silicon Valley" (Oslo, November 2014).

Invited speaker, Etablererveilederkonferansen; "The Norwegian Startup Ecosystem" (Sandefjord, October 2014).

Guest lecturer, BI Norwegian School of Business, New Venture Creation; "Lean Startup" (Oslo, October 2014).

Invited speaker, Nordic Startup Conference; "Startup Vikings" (Copenhagen, March 2014).

Invited speaker, Norwegian Centre of Expertise, MediArena; "A Lean Startup primer" (Bergen, November 2013).

Invited speaker, Startup Weekend; "Jobs-to-be-done" (Oslo, October 2013)

Invited speaker, Gründerdagen conference; "Lean Startup" (Fredrikstad, October 2013).

Keynote speaker, Expert Night; "Minimum Viable Product Design" (Oslo, October 2013)

Invited speaker, LeanCamp; "Development of Startup Methodologies" (Berlin, November 2013).

Invited speaker, Startup Weekend; "Lean Startup" (Oslo, May 2013).

Invited speaker, annual Emax conference; "Lean Startup" (Lillehammer, August 2013).

Invited speaker, INUNET; "Introduction to Lean Startup" (Oslo, August 2013).

Keynote speaker, Tekna Leadership Forum; "Lean Startup for Leaders" (Oslo, October, 2012).

Keynote speaker, Lean Startup Circle Norway; "Lean Startup for The Corporate" (Oslo, October 2012).

Invited speaker, NordicMeetup, Arctic15 (Helsinki, October 2012).

Moderator, Tekna Oslo; "Disruptive technologies" (Oslo, April 2012).

Invited speaker, LeanCamp (Dublin, June 2012).

Invited speaker, Business Model User Group; "Lean Startup and Business Model Design" (Oslo, March 2012).

Keynote speaker, Tekna Oslo; "Social media for technology and scientific professionals" (Oslo, November 2011).

Guest lecturer, Gjøvik University College; Lecture series in Entrepreneurship for the Media Management and Innovation programme (Gjøvik, October 2011).

Invited panelist, Startup Week - The European Startup Festival; "Panel on Lean Startup" (Vienna, October 2011).

Invited speaker, StartupSummer @ Opera Software; "What is Lean Startup?" (Oslo, July 2011).


Invited speaker, Build2Grow, Oslo Science Park; "Nordic Inside: The Nordic Startup Ecosystem" (Oslo, Fall 2014).

Invited speaker, Principal's Challenge, University of Oslo; "Green entrepreneurship" (Oslo, February 2013).